Monday, November 7, 2011

Simple and Wrong

Nice try, David Tufford, but it won't work:

Buy beer on Sundays and problem is solved

Here's a simple stadium funding solution: Let liquor stores be open on Sunday. Put the tax proceeds toward the stadium and education.

If you don't want to support the stadium or education, buy your beer the six other days of the week.

It's simple, profitable, voluntary and offends no one other than those who hate all liquor sales and those who cling to an anachronistic, religious vision of those four days of the average month.

First, who's going to keep track of which sales tax money comes in on Sunday? The businesses that collect the tax, I guess. So even more reporting would be required.

Second, and more important, will adding liquor sales on Sunday increase overall sales or just shift the purchases around on the calendar? Maybe it will go up a little, but I would project relatively flat total sales.

That means the existing sales tax payments for Monday through Saturday would be decreased, and we would just have a new way of subsidizing the Vikings stadium from the general fund.

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