Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taking Another FAST Break

It's been a few years since I visited FAST Signs in Sparta, Wisconsin. (Here are some photos from a previous trip.)

As usual, the field outside the shop was teeming with gold-brown fiberglass molds to make every type of being imaginable.

This mouse is, I think, one of the under-sculptures that are used to create the fiberglass molds. I'm not sure if the paws have broken off or if they're stored separately to prevent damage, but either way, it makes for a plaintive sight:

I was amused to see a Big Bad Wolf, who had huffed and puffed until he blew himself down:

And the greatest fiberglass structure of them all, a giant eyeball, which gazes out onto Highway 21:

It's 30 feet tall, and was created for artist Tony Tasset. He spent six months working with the people at FAST to build and paint this accurate rendition of his own eye, which spent a few months of 2010 peering at passersby on Chicago's State Street. (Here's a video on the making of it.)

I wonder what the plan is for the eye now? Anyone in the market for a used eyeball?

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