Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh Calm Down

I don't know about the movie theaters in your area, but in the Twin Cities almost all of them are owned by large, national chains, and by now nearly all are out in the suburbs, in new buildings full of stadium seating. Great sight lines and no need to crane your neck, but every time I go to a movie at one, I feel a bit more of the color leaching out of my soul.

There are still two theaters within the city limits of St. Paul, both locally owned by the Mann Theater company. They're historic theaters that have, quite honestly, seen better days, but they're charming and not a bad place to see a film.

Before checking out Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris (highly recommended, by the way) at the Grandview Theater, I saw this sign on the inside of the toilet stall door:

Purple construction paper sign with black marker lettering explaining that the toilet tank needs to refill before it can be flushed again
Not exactly a shocking notice, right? But here's a close-up of the left side:

Ballpoint pen note on the sign saying So Fix 'Em followed by another note reading Oh calm down
I do so love the conversations people have on bathroom walls.

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Michael Leddy said...

Our multiplex gives you more movie for your money -- during the quiet parts of your movie, you get to hear what's going on next door. All of which makes the "art" theater, 50 miles away, a much better choice.