Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Keep the Government Out of My Medicare"

Startling evidence of why folks think taxes aren't needed to run an effective government: About half of Americans who directly benefit from social programs believe they "have not used a government social program."

Data table showing 25 to 64 percent of people who receive benefits like Social Security, Medicare or food stamps think they receive no help from government programs

From a Cornell University study by Suzanne Mettler, via Boing Boing


Linda Myers said...

How can I post this on my Facebook page?

Daughter Number Three said...

When you do a status update on FB, paste the link to this post ( or the one to the Boing Boing story (

Facebook will automatically find the graphic and so on. After FB has done its thing, you can delete the part of your status update where you pasted the link without affecting the FB link that was created.