Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Comedy Writer Is a Beautiful Thing

Via Twitter, here's the Daily Show staff riffing on Sarah Palin's rendition of the midnight ride of Paul Revere:

  • Seward Foley made the great purchase of the state of Alaska, tellin' those Canadians to respect our sovereign borders.
  • After the British burned Atlanta, folks didn't wait for handouts -- they rebuilt it in the golden age of Reconstruction.
  • The moon landing of Lance Armstrong shows what ordinary Americans can do when government just gets out of our way.
  • Betsy Ross was like America's mama grizzly, sewin' stars and stripes on the uniforms of those greatest generation heroes.
  • JFK stared down that Cuban missile crisis, makin' it clear no missiles would be tolerated by puttin' up that border fence.

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