Thursday, March 31, 2011

Auto-Tuning Run Amok

I first heard about auto-tuning of music from Daughter Number Three-Point-One. She was talking about it with her father and I had no idea what it was. This was a number of years ago, and, naively, I still can't believe it has become so common.

I don't mind when it's done as an effect to create an electronic sound, but it's usually just a default, not intended to be noticed. You don't need to be able to sing anymore to have a career as a singer.

My favorite singers all sing off key at least occasionally. It's a badge of honor.

Which brings me to this recent graphic by Michael Leddy at Orange Crate Art. It's brilliant, I say, smiling squarely.


Michael Leddy said...

Gosh, thanks. I thought from the title that this post was going to be about your first exposure to R. Black’s “Friday.”

Daughter Number Three said...

I have done my absolute best to not hear or even know about the R. Black thing. But Steven Colbert slipped it in last night, so unfortunately I now can't deny having some idea about it.