Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who's Got a High School Diploma?

Not the copy editors at the Star Tribune, if today's Census Bureau table is any indication.

I can almost believe it was a joke. Maybe someone was thinking, "We're making a table, part of which will show what percent of each county's population has graduated from high school or has a GED. Wouldn't it be funny if we spelled one of the words in that column wrong? Really, really wrong?"

Table of Census data from the Star Tribune with the word equivalent spelled equivilant
If only it were so. But I'm afraid not.

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David Steinlicht said...

Since I'm a poor speller and an employee of a major metropolitan newspaper's graphics department, I won't comment on the main point of your post.

I just wanted to say that your photos of newspaper graphics, stories and ads are always distinctive.

It's because of the play of what I assume is daylight and either incandescent or florescent light. The two kinds of light duke it out right there on the newsprint. It's weird how the eye doesn't notice this -- until the scene is run through a camera.