Monday, December 20, 2010

Shotgun Shock

Last night, I overheard the beginning of the show Sarah Palin's Alaska, in which she said: "Out in this territory anything can happen, but it's nothing a shotgun can't handle."

I couldn't help thinking that the range of what she's including within "anything" is pretty narrow. How would a shotgun help if you:

  • Found a woman in labor and had to help deliver the baby
  • Ran out of drinking water
  • Were enjoying a pristine meadow full of wild flowers and wanted to catch a butterfly
  • Fell and broke your leg
To vary an old saying, when all you have is a shotgun, everything looks like a bear. Or a target. That butterfly had better watch out!


Ed Kohler said...

I frostbit my toes near Delani National Park while camping in the winter in around 1995. I had a shotgun with me at the time, but hadn't considered how that would help me. Had only Sarah Palin's Alaska been an early 90's TV show . . .

Barbara said...

I guess if you broke your leg you could use the shotgun as a splint?