Monday, November 8, 2010

At the Toy Store

While I was in Washington recently, I stopped in a toy store. It's been a while since I visited one.

Plastic mushroom house with red cap and white spots
First, I saw this fairyland playhouse, which takes the form of the poisonous mushroom Amanita muscaria.

Playmobil unicorn advent calendar
The store had a fine assortment of unicorn products, from Playmobil Advent calendars...

Plastic unicorn from Toy Story Toy Story 3 tie-ins...

Small square mosaic making a unicorn sticky mosaics. Enough unicorn chasers to keep Boing Boing readers happy for days.

Calico Critters cats
The last revelation was an entire wall of Calico Critters. This onslaught of cuteness included widdle kitties, an' bunnies, an' hedgehogs.

Calico Critters rabbits
What is it about these pieces of plastic and fabric that makes them so adorable? The Wikipedia entry on cuteness (yes, there is a Wikipedia entry on cuteness) reviews Konrad Lorenz's theory that "humans react more positively to animals that resemble infants—with big eyes, big heads, shortened noses, etc.—than to animals that do not." The favored animals exhibit what's called pedomorphosis, "the retention of child-like characteristics—such as big heads or large eyes—into adulthood."

Calico Critters hedgehogs
The Calico Critters are clearly a cute overload.

Calico Critters squirrels
The Furbanks Squirrel Family! How cute and pedomorphic is that?

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David Steinlicht said...

The hedgehogs have the added attraction of faux-Farrah Fawcett hair.