Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stone Soup, Meet Peter Pan

Stone Soup comic where Val tells Joan her kids will be in school before she knows it
The kids will "be in school before you know it" -- what?!

Like many cartoon characters who live in the present perpetual tense, these women's children never age at all. Val (light hair) has two daughters, while Joan (dark hair) has a baby and a toddler.

Each year Val's girls glory as summer begins and grumble when school starts up again, but it always seems like they're in the same grade. Joan's toddler has been a toddler the entire time I've been reading the strip, which is over 10 years.

It's hard to understand how the baby, Luci, ever got born, since gestation takes time, which doesn't exist. Checking the Wikipedia page about the strip, I see that Luci was born in July 2007 -- making her the same age now that her toddler brother is supposed to be.

It's fine for comic strip characters to live in Never Never Land if that's what the creator wants to do, but it's a bit odd to have them discuss time as if they were affected by it.

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