Friday, October 15, 2010

An Old Bag

The Pioneer Press's Bulletin Board caught my eye yesterday. It featured a photo of something that looked familiar. Hey, wait a minute, I have one of those in my basement!
Champion clothespin bag
This is my version of the Champion clothespin bag. A guy named Jim Bob sent in a photo of his bag, which is in better condition than ours, from the looks of his photo. We inherited ours with the house, and use it to collect dryer lint before it becomes part of the compost pile.

As Jim Bob described it:

...this clothespin bag has hung in the storage room [of our cabin] for years, unused and undamaged except for the rust stains. On eBay it would be called "vintage," but it's not for sale.

Inside it says: "Made by the Champion Bag Co. / Minneapolis, Minn. U.S.A. / Pat. No. 2160658."

My research shows that the Champion Bag Company was located at 3318 E. Lake St. until at least 1966. That building was, until a few months ago, the site of Hymie's Vintage Records...

The patent was filed by Carl S. Hedquist of Minneapolis in 1937.

Thanks for the research, Jim Bob!


Blissed-Out Grandma said...

My mom had one of those for years. Frankly, I wish we had a clothesline because although sheets dried kinda stiff, they smelled wonderful.

Linda Myers said...

I'd completely forgotten about clothespin bags. Thanks for the memory!