Monday, October 4, 2010

Beer for Babies and Worse

If you ever succumb to wondering whether there was a golden past at some undefinable point in time, it's always worth a visit to the Vintage Ads archive.

Blatz beer ad advising nursing mothers to drink beer and give it to their babies
I thought this Babies 'n' Blatz ad was the topper, until I saw the one for radium suppositories:

Ad for radium suppositories
In case the image is hard to read, the copy says:

These Suppositories are guaranteed to contain REAL RADIUM--in the exact amount for most beneficial effect. They are inserted per rectum, one each night, this being one of the several practical and successful ways of introducing Radium into the system.

After insertion, the Suppository quickly dissolves and the Radium is absorbed by the walls of the colon; then, within a few minutes, it enters the blood steam and traverses the entire body. Every tissue, every organ of the body is bombarded by its health-giving electric atoms. Thus the use of these Suppositories has an effect on the human body like recharging has on an electric battery.

And remember, Radium taken into the system remains for months, continuing its curative, restorative work. Thus, the effects are NOT merely temporary.

VITA RADIUM SUPPOSITORIES are guaranteed to be non-injurious--they are perfectly safe for anyone to use.
Gee, that was so much fun to type, I just I couldn't resist.

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