Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Radical Cartography, Just What I've Always Wanted!

Sometimes I think the World Wide Web is an unending series of presents, waiting to be unwrapped. Complete with the side effects we're all familiar with from that scenario -- burnout on newness, lack of appreciation of each item, and finding many new things that you don't actually like. (But at least presents don't include comment threads full of asinine and sick ruminations from people you would never talk to in real life.)

But today, gave me a gift I genuinely like -- a site called Radical Cartography -- by showing one of the maps from this post:

World population graph by longitude, laid over a world map
The post also shows population by latitude, where the highest points of the purple spikes center around the Equator.

The site is full of interesting takes on city-based maps as well as lots of U.S. nationwide problems like pollution or suicide.

Radical Cartography appears to be a gift that will keep on giving to anyone who spends time wandering through its many pages.

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