Saturday, August 28, 2010

Commentary of Errors

Comment threads are generally not worth reading, as everyone knows, especially when the topic is political. And they're rife with incorrect examples of "your," "it's," "to," and every other garden-variety usage error common in the English language.

But sometimes comments are good for an unintended chuckle. Here are a few I've collected in the past few months.

1. Singing for suckers:

Comment including the phrase chorale a bunch of suckers, instead of corral a bunch of suckers

2. Crouching joke, hidden usage error:

Comment including the phrase crouched inside a joke instead of couched inside a joke

3. Whose jerk am I?

Comment including the phrase your just being a pomp's jerk instead of you're just being a pompous jerk

I've seen more than these, I know, but sometimes I neglect to take a screen snapshot until it's too late.

(Confession: I once wrote a paper where I referred several times to "blue collar" and "white collar" work, but somehow I had typed "blue color" and "white color." Over and over again, despite the fact that I thought it said "collar.")

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