Saturday, July 17, 2010

Searching for a Mira-Cool

It's been a month since I posted about the Mira-Cool product, and I'm amazed at the traffic that post has generated.

Clearly, newspaper ads for the portable "air coolers" are running all over the country with great frequency. Some percentage of people who see the ad go straight to their computers and search a variant of the term "Mira-Cool." People from every state in the union have accounted for 63 percent of my search traffic. That one post generated 34 percent of my page views.

There's a huge range of ways that people search it, given the funky spelling and the fact that there's a different product with a similar name. My favorite searches were:

  • mirakool
  • mirra cool
  • is collsurge thesame as mira cool
But they all found my post, nonetheless.

Unfortunately, I assume the people who look up Mira-Cool are only a small percentage of those who see the ad and consider buying it. How else could the Universal Media Syndicate and its parent company, Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings, be paying for all those ads?

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