Saturday, June 26, 2010

David Sipress

Cartoon of a guy behind a desk, covered with piles of paper. He says to the guy in front of him, Think this is bad? You should see the inside of my head

David Sipress is one of those cartoonists whose work I've seen many places, but had never realized were the product of one mind. (What can I say, sometimes I pay attention to the credit line, and sometimes I don't.)

He's had over 350 cartoons in the New Yorker over the past 12 years, but since I rarely read it, I missed that. And the Boston Phoenix for 30 years, but I really don't read that. The place where I know I see his work most consistently is Parade magazine. I admit it.

This cartoon resonated with me because of my own piles of paper -- er, filing system.

Sipress doesn't have a web page to link to, so to see more you'll have to Google him. Or you can watch him draw a dog on the New Yorker's blog. Your choice.


Linda Myers said...

Oh, my gosh! He must have been looking at my husband's office!

Daughter Number Three said...

Does your husband call it a filing system, too?