Friday, May 21, 2010

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Unsuckit logo, featuring a cartoon guy photocopying his butt
Web designer Jason Santa Maria wondered aloud on Twitter if someone could make a site listing all of the "awful business speak...and provide alternatives? Then I can link people who chronically use this awful language to said site."

Content strategist Nicole of Mule Design obliged him by creating Unsuckit. Here are some of her early verbal transformations:

  • Action Item -- a goal, to do
  • Going Forward -- in the future
  • Mission Critical -- urgent
I recognize a couple of phrases I tend to use at work, although I could swear I've been using them for a long time, so maybe I started them as trends, heh:
  • In the a.m.
  • Table this (usually said in a meeting where it's fairly appropriate... I do have a long-ago life phase in student government, after all)
There are so many other terms that are worse than these two. Maybe Nicole could confer with Brooks of Sheffield, who writes the Lost New York City blog. He has a list to share.

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