Friday, April 9, 2010

Under the Dome, Madison, Wisconsin

Inside of a dome
While in Madison, I spent a little time inspecting the state capitol. Since moving to the Midwest almost 25 years ago, I've heard that the Badger State's capitol is supposed to be one of the most beautiful capitol buildings.

I haven't been in any others to compare it to (not even the one right here in St. Paul!), but I can imagine why people say this, now that I've seen it. The central dome is impressive, and just below it are these four mosaics:

Mosaic of sitting Lady Liberty

Sitting Justice with scales

Male Government

Male Legislation
The color is wonderfully vivid, and it was nice to have some gender balance...even though the women represent eternal verities, while the men stand for human institutions.

Bust of La Follette
How could the building be complete without a statue of Fighting Bob La Follette?

Plaster badger statue at the doorway peak
And how many state capitols do you know that decorate the doors of their legislative chambers with badgers? That alone makes it worth a visit.

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