Monday, March 1, 2010

Two Generations

Powerbook 145 compared to an iPhone
Recently my father-in-law got out his circa-1992 Powerbook 145, which weighed about 7 pounds, had a tiny black and white (not grayscale!) screen, and cost over $2,000.

It was about 5 percent as "smart" as an iPhone.


Ms Sparrow said...

Remember what a mobile phone looked like in that era? I was in awe of all the advanced technology.
How quickly we become jaded.

elena áká Ellen Kennedy Michel said...
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elena said...

The weight, and that mouse thing – puts the ipad, ipod, iphone and the rest in perspective..

I liked the recent Wired magazine recap of a decade of turns-out-it-was-ridiculous technology the editors had been excited about at one point, with deliberately bad graphics, and that ubiquitous, hideous Windows interface.

Blythe said...

That is an amazing family photo. We are mac devotees. My son learned to talk from Steve Jobs. (Well, actually he learned how to speak fluently. He memorized the Apple product rollout speeches--right down to the gestures. It was pretty huge developmental milestone for him.)