Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've Opted Out!

Yellow paper door hanger with a picture of the YellowBook on it
Well, it took six months, but it appears I have successfully opted out of Yellow Pages deliveries! Instead of books, I got this door hanger a few days ago, informing me that "Our records show that you have chosen to stop receiving the SuperYellowPages®."

No more piles in the entryway, waiting to go out in the recycling. (And even once they would make their way to the green truck via the blue bin, it was all too soon before the next multi-ream bundle of unneeded tree fibers would arrive.)

Ed Kohler's The Deets blog had a recent comment from a woman named Stacey Smith, who claimed to be a past Yellow Pages ad rep. She said "the Yellow Pages in Phoenix for Dex has had approximately 30% declines now for the last three years." If Stacey is right, Dex has only 35 percent of the revenue from ads it had in 2007.

Unlike newspapers, there won't be much to miss about the Yellow Pages, as far as I'm concerned.

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Update: Today (March 23) I actually got a call from a human being at the SuperYellowPages making sure that my request to opt out had been honored. Good for them.

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elena said...

I would be more inclined to save a copy of the phone book (in my car, perhaps) if they included zip codes, the one thing I sometimes want to locate. But no, that requires yet another search...