Friday, February 26, 2010

Violet Days: Love Hurts

Chris Monroe Violet Days called A Popular Cover, February 10, 2010
Today's Violet Days strip by Chris Monroe was both fun and educational (click to see it larger).

Who knew that the over-wrought, mid-'70s ballad called "Love Hurts" wasn't originally by Nazareth? And even more unimaginable was that the song was actually written by a duo of rockabilly songwriters in 1960, and first recorded by the Everly Brothers.

Chris runs it down with her usual style, including a final wag of the finger to Nazareth for changing the lyrics. How stupid is that, anyway -- "Love is like a flame, burns you when it's hot" instead of "Love is like a stove, burns you when it's hot."

What did Nazareth have against kitchen similes, anyway?

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