Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cursors, Hilary, Foiled Again

Rhymes with Orange cartoon of a man showing a child a pencil, saying This end is the cursor and this end is the delete key

So far my daughter still uses pencils, although she insists on the plastic mechanical variety. Somehow the wooden, sharpenable kind are not good enough.

I have noticed that her typing skills have improved rapidly of late; I think she's up to at least 40 words per minute. She doesn't use the cursive writing she was taught in third grade much, if at all.

This is the child who, when she was almost three, was playing with an old manual Underwood typewriter in our basement. She clacked away at the keys, gradually reaching the end of the carriage. When the bell rang and the carriage locked up because it couldn't go any farther, she kept trying to type for a few seconds, and then called out plaintively, "Daddy, I think it crashed."

Thanks to Hilary Price and her wonderful Rhymes with Orange, which brought it all back.

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Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Pretty funny! From what I've seen lately, college students haven't been using their cursive writing much, either. Yikes.