Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buy Less, Stress More

Ad showing three women vegetating on recliners. Headline reads Buy More Stressless
Ah, so that's what the solution is! My thanks to Rosenthal Furniture for cluing me in.

I guess this ad provides editorial balance with the story about Colin Beavan, author of a book called No Impact Man, whose family went off the grid in New York City, buying nothing except food from local farmers. See his blog here.

By the way, Beavan has declared this to be No Impact Week. Which reminds me of the signs I've been seeing for 350, an organizing effort to encourage climate-change actions this Saturday, October 24. (350 is the number of parts per million of CO2 the world needs to be at or below to maintain a healthy ecosystem.)

There are currently over 4,000 actions scheduled around the world, from bike-ins to tree plantings to clothing exchanges.

Graph showing we are currently at 387 PPM of CO2

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