Saturday, September 12, 2009

Signs of Health

I couldn't resist going to check out the scene outside the Target Center in Minneapolis today when President Obama was due to speak on health care reform. Surprisingly, the demonstrators outside were at most half anti-Obama; the other half were pro-single-payer (universal health care).

There were a few who had subtle ways of getting their point across.

Man with sign reading Angry White People Against Everything
This guy had a two-sided sign, both pretty clever:

Other side of sign reading Stop the Facts We Just Don't Care!

These folks were thrilled to hear that the text of their sign had been bouncing around the Twitter chatter surrounding the event:

Couple with a sign reading Carry the torch of Kennedy, not the baggage of Baucus

There were some interesting juxtapositions:

Man with a sign reading I don't care aboout anyone besides myself next to another man with two signs reading No ObamaCare and A Trillion Times No

And some who just laid out their point of view:

Man with sign reading Competition is good therefore...Let Governmentt Compete!

Some brought their Don't Tread on Me flags, I assume left over from a teabagger rally:

Blond 3-year-old in a pink sweatshirt touching a yellow Don't Tread on Me flag hanging from a bike
And displayed them where children could find them. I wonder what this little girl thinks that flag means?

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Ms Sparrow said...

I love the "I don't care about anyone but myself" sign (bless his heart). I sometimes think the biggest objection to universal health care many people have is that they don't want to share the costs for black and brown people. They're celebrating White Power!