Monday, September 28, 2009

The Little Co-op Fellow in the Yellow Shirt

Cartoonish figure in pieces ready to be cut apart and made into a Little Co-op Fellow with moving arms and legs

A French Flickr user going by the name pilllpat (agence eureka) posted this charming old cut-out figure. Using my rusty high school French, I understand it to mean something like "Little Co-op Fellow Assemblage," or more colloquially, the Co-op Kid Cut-Out Kit. The words on his apron read "Co-op Products Are the Best."

Pilllpat's Flickr stream is mostly scans of old European commercial lithographic and letterpress printing, from match boxes to cut-outs like this one to whole comics pages from old newspapers.

Pretty fun to browse through for a little while when you're overwhelmed by thinking about all the world's problems.


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