Monday, August 3, 2009

Icons of Quebec

It's always fun to see the wordless icons of a country other than your own. Here are a few.

Hand carved wooden roll of toilet paper with male and female restroom icons on it
In old Quebec, Bas Ville.

Female figure with a single leg and narrow vertical slots, with smaller wheelchair icon to the right
The pregnant popsicle lady has had it with being treated like an electrical outlet. She is also tired of the little guy in the wheelchair who keeps trying to look up her skirt.

Does this sign recommend that the larger people should consume the smaller people? (Seen on the ferry between Quebec and Levis.)

Black human figure icon on stairs with diagonal line through it
The diagonal bar is meant to indicate a handrail, but when I first saw it, I thought it was the usual "no" meaning (as in, don't use the stairs!). But actually, it's telling you to use the handrail.

Walking figure on stairs with arms akimbo as if dancing
You can almost hear the BeeGees playing when you look at this sign. Boogie this way, John Travolta!

Sign with 7 different didactic icons
If I understand this one correctly, it says no bottles, no cars, no dogs pooping, no holding flowers in your hand, no dogs drinking out of drinking fountains. But yes to bikes, dogs on leashes and cans in their place (the trash can).

Danger Ice Falling sign showing icicles breaking off of roof
Nothing wrong with this one; it's just interesting to note when you're in a city where this type of sign is necessary.

Sign that says DANGER chute fall with figure falling off a stone wall
Another sign that is perfectly reasonable (it was located along a wall where there is a steep drop). "Chute" means "fall" in French. But there's something about the combination that strikes me funny. Probably because chute could be an English word, so it sounds like "chute fall" should be a meaningful phrase, but it's not.

Well, this isn't really an icon, but this sign has something to say about being lost in translation:

Translated sign reading Gatering Place instead of Gathering Place
Go, Gaters!


Ms Sparrow said...

Looks like you're having a good time. Keep those pictures comin'.

Andrea said...

I love these pictures - I've seen books of them but nothing first hand. I especially love the icicle warning!!

elena said...

Delightful what your eye is drawn to.. especially that pregnant popsicle electric outlet lady!