Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hamsters Under the Highway

5 story-tall highway overpass at night, shot from below, with crowds of people under it
Last night, we joined thousands of other tourists and native Quebecois at a free show by Cirque du Soleil. It was held under the big concrete highway overpasses to the north of the Old City. This (blurry) shot gives an idea of the setting.

Before the show got going, I realized there was some cool graffiti art on the pillars. So I turned on the camera flash and went at it. Here are a few.

Spray-painted blue hamster about 6 x 6'

A green with red eyes spray-painted hamster about 6 x 6'

A pink spray-painted hamster about 6 x 6'

Are these hamsters? I'm not sure, but they were fun to see, and were actually only visible once I'd taken the photos with the flash.

The show was fun but (as you can see) extremely crowded and it was hard to see much most of the time. We did the typical American thing at such a large event -- left before it was over in order to beat the crowd. (My excuse is, we were tired and had a long walk home.)

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