Monday, August 24, 2009

Guns, Yes; Sign Poles, No

A letter to the editor from Sunday's Pioneer Press:

Memories of the RNC

The recent news that an American citizen showed up outside an appearance by President Barack Obama with both a rifle and pistol brings back memories of the Republican convention last September [in St. Paul].

My wife and I showed up for the poor people's march with signs that had small aluminum handles. We were promptly surrounded by police and photographers. The police made me remove the handles, remnants of a salvaged lawn chair, as a threat to the peace and good order of St. Paul.

The Pioneer Press printed a picture of that law enforcement action, which ensured that I would never use my "Impeach Bush" sign as a weapon.

It's now apparent that I should have used an AR-15 as the handle for my sign. Or is the real policy to hassle progressive Americans but allow right-wing fruitcakes to intimidate anyone who disagrees with their Big foot, tooth fairy, wicked witch, black helicopter, jack-booted thug, pull-the-plug-on-Grandma delusions?

Bob Tammen, Soudan
Actually, the last paragraph sounds a bit hyperbolic, but Bob's main point is well-taken. It's a pretty darn strange double standard.

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