Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Happy Sunshine Family

My daughter and her friend made this video last year as a way of learning how to use iMovie. They then followed in the footsteps of thousands or millions of other kids by uploading it to YouTube.

You could say it's morbid (which it is), but it's also pretty funny, and shows a canny ability to mock film conventions.

The fact that they created it in an hour or two, then made it available to the world immediately, is a classic example of the brave new world in which we live.


elena said...

!! very fun. That's just what you have to do with those smiling Playmobile people: mix it up and do a rewrite of the Frankenstein narrative!

Ms Sparrow said...

That's awesome! We can stand back in awe of our children and grandchildren and their accomplishments. Your writing talent must be rubbing off on her.