Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Luck with That Strategy

Close up of hands signing, with type superimposed that says How do you spell offensive?The Pioneer Press recently started running political coverage/analysis from a website called, which appears to be a startup by a bunch of mainstream journalists from the Washington Post, Time, and USA Today, among other print media.

In one recent story run in the PiPress on February 27, writer David Paul Kuhn recounted how the GOP is strategizing to run against a black or woman candidate... so that they won't be perceived as racist or sexist.

Everyone is being careful with a capital C not to fall into what they call "undisciplined messaging." So I thought it was funny, or sad, or possibly ironic that a Republican spokeswoman expressed the new strategy this way:

"Republicans will need to exercise less deafness and more deftness in dealing with a different-looking candidate, whether it is a woman or a black man."

Hmmm. Catchy play on words.

But it's a good thing the candidate they're running against isn't deaf! Or they could be in hot water already.

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