Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Picture of Southern Life

The floor plan feature in the Star Tribune's Homes section is at it again. This time it's not non-Victorian Victorian charm, it's updated plantation living (!).

And yes, the beginning of the text does report that this design is "the picture of Southern life." It doesn't say where the slave quarters are located.

Did you know that real plantations are popular as wedding locations? I'm no fan of weddings generally, but that makes me like them about as much as a case of the shingles.

The idea that a bride would want to envision herself as a Southern belle on her "big day" in a place that couldn't be run without slave servants is revolting. The assumption that a plantation is appealing as a home or a wedding venue is premised on white privilege and complete unconsciousness of our racist past (and present).

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troutbirder said...

Indeed. There still is a lot of that kind of shallow thinking going around....